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Private Lessons
+ Groups

All lessons include complimentary surfboard and wetsuit rental. 

1-Person Lesson.    -    $140

2-Person Lesson.    -    $220

3-Person Lesson.    -    $310

4-Person Lesson.    -    $400

5-Person Lesson.    -    $490

6-Person Lesson.    -    $585

7-Person Lesson.    -    $680

8-Person Lesson.    -    $780

9-Person Lesson.    -    $885

3 Lesson Package
An excellent way to learn the fundamentals of surfing & detailed safety instructions, and feel confident paddling out on your own.

6 Lesson Package

Take your training a step further by learning about how waves are formed, how to read them, independently paddle into waves, turns, and drop into waves before they crash.

10 Lesson Package
Become a fully confident surfer. Paddling through the break, Reading & understanding wave shapes, Riding advanced fiberglass surfboards, experience larger surf, and create consistent habits.

Fully Commited Package

20 - 2Hr Lessons

This lesson package will transform you from a total beginner into a fully confident surfer. Not only will you experience riding different styles of surfboards at various beaches, but you also will accel to a level where you can ride a shortboard. Very intense.


Surfing Friends


Set your goals and learn at a pace that's right for you.

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