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Cheap surf lessons in los angeles


Beginner & Group
Surf Lessons

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Single &
surf lessons

All surf lessons are private and feature complimentary equipment and personalized instruction with our staff of friendly and amazing surfing instructors. 

All lessons include complimentary surfboard and wetsuit rental. 

1-Person Lesson.    -    $120

2-Person Lesson.    -    $210

3-Person Lesson.    -    $300

4-Person Lesson.    -    $390

5-Person Lesson.    -    $480

6-Person Lesson.    -    $570

7-Person Lesson.    -    $660

8-Person Lesson.    -    $750

9-Person Lesson.    -    $845

3 Lesson Package
An excellent way to learn the fundamentals of surfing & detailed safety instructions, and feel confident paddling out on your own.

6 Lesson Package
Take your training a step further by learning about how waves are formed, how to read them, independently paddle into waves, turns, and drop into waves before they crash.

10 Lesson Package
Become a fully confident surfer. Paddling through the break, Reading & understanding wave shapes, Riding advanced fiberglass surfboards, experience larger surf, and create consistent habits.

Fully Committed Package
20 - 2Hr Lessons
This lesson package will transform you from a total beginner into a fully confident surfer. Not only will you experience riding different styles of surfboards at various beaches, but you also will accel to a level where you can ride a shortboard. Very intense.
 Please call us to determine if this is the right plan for you.

Surfing Friends


Set your goals and learn at a pace that's right for you. Making the commitment to being consistent is the best tool for growing your skills as a surfer. 

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